The shape of steel...the beauty of leather.

Buy In-Stock or Build Your Own


I've temporarily suspended the “Build Your Own Helmet” feature of the website. Customers will not be able to order a custom helmet for the time being. You may still browse the Gallery, or purchase a helmet from the “In Stock” page. Thank you for your interest in Leatherhelms.

Begin with a Basic Helmet or Variation Helmet, which includes…
Hardened leather frame
Hardened, molded leather panels
Interior adjustable leather head support

Then choose the colors and features you like for your helmet and add it to your cart.
Example: pick a Basic Helmet for $130, and add the Brow for $15, your total will be $145, with $15 shipping added. We accept  PAYPAL, VISA and MASTERCARD.

Small fits up to 23 inches.
Medium fits up to 24.5 inches.
Large fits up to 26 inches.
X-Large available upon request

QUESTIONS? email me, or call me at 507-358-3981.

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